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The days of the record companies as we know them, selling CD’s at distribution stores around the world, are numbered. Use of the internet to promote and distribute music is most certainly a reality. Getting the music into the hands of people around the world is easy. But what is missing from the internet distribution system is a means of getting money back into the hands of the artist.

Before the days of the record companies artist where often sponsored by ‘Patrons of the Arts” who where know for there philanthropy in supporting the proverbial ‘starving artists’.

The internet has brought us full circle, back to the point where artists must rely on the “Patrons of the Arts” to support their continued work. And the concept of “Virtual Busking” is born. Busking, for those not familiar with the term, is the practice of giving performances in public to entertain people, it isusually done to solicit donations.

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