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Music leads to poetry
Poetry leads to understanding
Understanding leads to peace

La musique conduit à la poésie
La poésie conduit à la compréhension
La compréhension conduit à la paix

La música conduce a la poesía
La poesía conduce a la comprensión
La comprensión conduce a la paz

Pure Elsie Dee

The Elsie Dee Project has, for the first time, composed all of the lyrics for this album. This one is pure Elsie Dee Project. A bit presumptive perhaps to think we could compete with E. E. Cummings and the like... But we felt we had something to say, you could say we have finally found our voice. We hope you will enjoy this new album. We certainly had a great time putting it together.

This year we were graced with the presence of Megan Wolfy who was kind enough to lay down a guitar track on Waskesiu Venus while visiting the studio. Many Thanks Megan!

We guess one of the big news items on this album is the studio upgrade. We hope you agree it made a huge difference in the overall sound. Also this year saw the studio acquiring a 3D animation system. As a result this is the first album where we have released an animated video ( Pajarite peregrina - YouTube) in advance of the CD and web site.

“Pure Elsie Dee” was composed and performed by the Elsie Dee Project. The album was produced at Studio Ile Pariseau by Neil Ingroville, Pierre Voyer and Boyd Williams.

Copyright 2012 – Pierre Voyer (SOCAN) and Boyd Williams (SOCAN)

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